ERP Ambassador Program

Please help us to win the battle for elephant and rhino welfare, and to alleviate poverty among rural people. Sign up today for the ERP Ambassador program.

By becoming an ERP Ambassador, you will be joining a collective force of concerned people around the world, all committed to putting a stop to the exploitation and slaughter of elephants and rhinos, and to changing the lives of rural people in Africa.

Once you have enrolled for the program through the information requested below, we will be in touch to request that you complete a brief survey to allow us to better understand the areas in which you may be able to assist us and to assign to you a suitable liaison.

We would welcome your and your company’s financial support for our donor funded projects, and we are in need of ambassadors with networks in conservation, legal and political circles in the US and China, and with connections to celebrities that may be willing to endorse the ERP cause.