911Elephant - The elephant rescue specialists
The life of every elephant counts

911Elephant has a mission that can be inferred from its name.  It is an emergency elephant rescue service, led by Prof. Wouter van Hoven, as a member of groupelephant.com.

911Elephant is rapidly becoming a leader in the field of elephant rescue operations in Southern Africa.  Some of our many interventions to save the lives of elephants are documented on the groupelephant.com website.  We are able to lead and fund elephant rescue initiatives that may result in relocation, or simply by way of working with landowners to establish a sustainable, non-lethal alternative to controlling elephant numbers in overpopulated areas, and so as to avoid splitting up elephant family units. 

The circumstances in which we are typically called upon include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The spectre of elephants being captured and sold into captivity;
  • Human-elephant conflict in rural areas;
  • The prospect of culling in areas where there is real or perceived overpopulation of elephants; and
  • Intervening to save the lives of ‘problem elephants’, where our experience is invariably that the problem lies with the human beings supposedly responsible for managing the elephants, rather than with the so-called ‘problem elephants’.

Prof. van Hoven, a world renowned specialist in wildlife management, has been working in the field of elephant conservation for 35 years, and is able to draw on an astonishingly wide network in carrying out 911Elephant rescue work.  That, allied to groupelephant.com’s resources and expertise that can be brought to bear in the running of large and complex projects, makes 911Elephant arguably the most effective specialist in the field.

If you choose to support 911Elephant financially, 100% of your donation will be applied to elephant rescue operations, since all overhead expenditure of 911Elephant is carried by groupelephant.com.  For more information, please contact us at info@groupelephant.com